Well firstly let me say “Don’t panic!” – I have seen almost every error the PS3 can encounter as I run a PS3 Repair shop (and Xbox 360) and have some good news:

Dear PS3 Owner, It sucks to have the Yellow or Red light of Death, doesn’t it? Or an unfamiliar error code popping up on your screen, or any other PS3 problem?

Dear PS3 Owner,
I face frustrated customers on a daily basis as they come to my repairshop with their PS3′s.

Not only are my customers frustrated but they’re really angry about their PS3′s being broken.

Playback suddenly stopped? Error messages 1, 2, 3 or 4? No sound? None of the different tricks you found on forums, Youtube and other sites have worked?

With our unique solution you can play everything, supporting all common formats. DivX, Xvid, MKV, MPG, MP4? No problem with our method.

Everywhere People Are Raving About This Amazing Product, Over 145,491 People Have Already Installed LINUX On Their PS3 Using PS3Magic – Now You Can Too..

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